Guitar, Bass, & Piano

Jacob is a Berklee student and guitarist with a broad range of musical styles and an extensive background in performing & teaching. He is always looking forward to sharing the love of music and what he has learned with students. He teaches and applies music theory skills into guitar playing to produce the most well-rounded students that he is able, forming the line between someone who plays an instrument- and a musician. Lessons are for all levels of musicians, and centered around what the student is interested in.
He started playing guitar at the age of seven after being heavily encouraged by his father who was a past Berklee College of Music student, and his mother who was a singer in the Lexington pops. He quickly fell in love with the guitar and continued to practice and grow musically. He went on to acquire a sponsorship from Moniker Guitars and was contacted about a potential record deal but declined the offer to pursue his own musical growth and lead a worship team for students at a local church.
Jacobs current focus is his musical studies at Berklee and his dedication to teaching. He loves working with students to further their skills and techniques to apply to any musical situation. His goal is to keep lessons upbeat and fun while still achieving great strides in instrument proficiency.

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