Voice, Piano, & Guitar

Rachel Thomas is a professional vocalist in her mid-twenties and recent graduate of the world-renowned Berklee College of Music. Rachel grew up in Charleston, SC where she began singing in church at a very early age. Rachel was about twelve years old when she started taking voice lessons and writing and recording original songs.
As a teenager, Rachel learned to play the piano and guitar and continued to write and perform her own songs in churches and other small venues around town. In the fall of 2006, Rachel moved to Boston, Massachusetts to attend Berklee on a vocal scholarship, where she was able to study and perform with some of the best singers and musicians in the music industry. While in school, she also worked with one of Berklee’s community outreach programs and spent two semesters teaching individual and group voice lessons at the Boys and Girls Club in Dorchester.
Having graduated from Berklee with a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Music, Rachel is educated and experienced in various vocal styles and genres of music. In addition to school, Rachel has over five years of experience as a regularly gigging musician, which allows her to offer valuable insight to the aspiring singer who is really serious about pursuing a career in music. She is eager to share the knowledge and skills she acquired with other aspiring singers and musicians. Rachel teaches beginner piano, guitar, and self-accompaniment skills in addition to vocal instruction.

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