Studio A is AOMS’s flagship recording studio. It was designed to accommodate all the needs of any band/artist. We designed Studio A to have a great blend of analog and digital hardware, lots of modern plug-ins and a diverse mic collection. As a result, Studio A has a real genuine feel, workflow and a warm yet punchy sound with all the editing and mixing capabilities of modern software/plug-ins. 

Studio A is centered around an “Amek Big 44” inline, 44 channel (88 input) console. The Amek captures a sound that we believe you can’t get by going straight into an interface and straight into the digital realm. We track to Protools 12 via an Antelope Orion 32+ providing pristine D/A and A/D conversion of 32 ins and outs to and from Protools. Mixing can be done in the box with Protools, through the console or a combination of the 2 using the automation of Protools while using the console for analog summing.

Our mic collection is a combination of great sounding dynamic, condenser, tube and ribbon mics to create big drum sounds and luscious acoustic & electric guitar tones.

Although we love our analog gear, we enjoy the benefits of tracking and mixing on our Protools rig with a plethora (and still expanding) of plug-ins ranging from Waves, Slate, etc. to fine tune the mix just to your liking. And last but not least, we like to have fun in the studio! Nothing is worse than working in a stale recording studio environment. Let’s get the vibe going and make some hits!

Console/ Mic Pre’s:
“Amek Big 44″ analog mixing console, UA Audio 4-710d 4 channel mic pre unit, Stam Audio 1073MPA 2 channel mic pre, Warm Audio Tone Beast channel strip and PreSonus Tube channel strip with VCA compressor.

Antelope Audio Orion 32+ 32 channel A/D & D/A converter, Alesis HD24XR, Alesis Masterlink, Protools 12 on a Mac with (i7 with 16gigs of ram) and a Tascam 238 8 track analog recorder.

KRK V8’s, Dynaudio BM5A’s, Yamaha NS10M’s, QSC 900 power amp, Furman HR-6 headphone cue system, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Shure, etc. headphones

Production tools/plug-in’s/Synths:
Native Instruments Maschine MK2, Maschine packs (Magnate Hustle, Marble Rims), Novation Mininova synth, ProTools 12, Waves Platinum bundle, a bunch of various Waves plug-ins (including: API, CLA dynamics, electric 88 piano,  etc.), Celemony Melodyne editor and Slate Trigger 2.

Microphone Collection: 

Large diaphragm condensers/tube

Telefunken CU29 (tube), Neumann TLM 103, Rode K2 (tube) , Groove Tubes GT66 (tube), Sterling Audio ST 66 (tube), MXL V67i duel capsule, Audio Hipster AH-01 large diaphragm condenser, Audio Technica AT 2035 mic, Octava (russian) small diaphragm condenser mics (2), other various MXL mics.


Prototype stereo ribbon (like a Royer R122), Audio Hipster stereo ribbon, Telefunken M81, an array of Shure SM 57’s and 58’s, Beta 57, Beta 58, Sennheiser e602,  AKG D112, Audix D2’s (3) and our very own home made sub kick mic and a few more.

Dynamics/ Misc Outboard Gear:
DBX 160X compressors (2),  DBX 160A compressor, Symetrix CL150 & 501 compressors, Roland keyboard modules(2) Behringer 8 channel headphone amp, Virtualizer Pro effects (2)

Gibson 2013 SG Future electric, Recording King RK-G25-BR 6-String banjitar, Recording King jumbo acoustic guitar, AXL SRO Artist (with Lindy Fralin pickups) strat style electric guitar, Martin acoustic, The Loar hollow body electric, Recording King 12 string acoustic (other guitars and basses may be available upon request).


Supro Saturn Reverb, Fender Hotrod Deville, Marshall 4 X 12 cabs (2), Peavey classic 50/50 tube power amp, Peavey classic 30 tube combo amp, VHT “The Standard 36” head, VHT “The Standard 18” combo amp, VHT Ultra 6 combo amp, Digitech RP 20 and 2112 preamp/ effects processors, array of ModTone and Moore effects pedals & Digitech JamMan stereo looper.


Premier Artist Birch fusion drum set, Sonar Martini 4 piece jazz kit, PDP wood popcorn snare, Pdp wood rim snare, vintage Slingerland snare, Tama piccolo snare, Ludwig Epic snare, Ludwig Supraphonic snare, various Zyljian, Sabian & Stagg cymbals, etc.


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