Studio B was designed under the direction of Phil Colangelo (former chief engineer of Studio B) and Ken Polk (owner of AOMS) for the purpose of providing an affordable studio with no compromise in sound.

We saw a need for a more compact studio that would provide individual artists, songwriters and small bands with the ability to produce great sounding recordings at a more affordable rate. For example, a singer looking to record vocals over electronic music doesn’t need 44 channels of mic inputs and all the gear that we have in our Studio A. With the aid of technology that provides us with plug-ins and all the editing capabilities in such programs as Sonar, we are able to provide our clients with  a professional sound with minimal gear! This results in savings for you!

Studios B is also a perfect MIDI sweet for tracking MIDI drums, making electric beats and mixing. Although having a focus on MIDI production, Studio B still has the ability for tracking live instruments such as: acoustic and electric guitars, bass, violin, brass, Woodwinds, vocals, etc….  Just not all at once! If that’s what your looking for, better book in Studio A.

Here is a list of equipment in Studio B.

-Windows 8 PC with 8 gigs of ram

-Soundcraft Signature 22MTK analog console/interface (22 out, 24 returns)

-Presonus Audio box 1818vsl  interface

-SONAR X3 PRODUCER software plug-ins and virtual instruments

-Various condenser and dynamic microphones from brands such as:  MXL,  Shure, Audio Technica, Octava, etc.
-Hart Dynamics electronic drum set with a Roland TD-8 module
-Casio PX-330 keyboard
– Yamaha P-35 keyboard
-KRK rokit 8’s monitors
-QSC USA 900 power amp

-control room (100 sq feet)
-3 isolation booths (shared with Studio A)


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