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About Ken

Ken started playing guitar at the age of 9. By the age of 13 he was in his first band, of many to follow, with a group of older high schoolers. He then went on to start teaching out of his house while in high school. At about that time he realized he also had a passion for the art of audio recording and started a small home recording studio. It was at this point that Ken knew his career was destined to be in the music field.

Ken was offered a teaching position at a local music studio at the age of 17 of which he accepted.  He continued teaching both on his own and at the local studio when an opportunity of getting a commercial space fell in his lap in the year 2000.  It was then that a music studio was birthed that is now know as Alpha Omega Music Studios. By the mid 2000’s Ken had joined the acoustic rock band “Meet the Day” as the lead guitarist. “Meet the Day” was very successful as a local band opening up for such artists/bands as Colin Hay, Badfish, and other national touring bands. MTD was also fortunate enough to have the opportunity to record at the world famous “Sun Studio”as grand prize for winning a major battle of the bands at a national level through “Jillians”.

As the years progressed so did the studio along with its services offered. AOMS now offers music lessons, recording, programs, sales and more!  Ken’s business has grown much larger than himself fueled by a vision much larger than himself.
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